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27 October 2011


So we made a presentation to a major house builder this week and were amused to be asked by a related party if we were the ones who turned up with boxes of macaroons and pretty “waitresses”. Purlease!

I’m all for surprise and wit in design but my constant and fervent plea that “proper interior designers are not just cushion plumpers” is not helped by “plumpers” who make the frontispiece of their presentation cake and totty. They’ll probably get the job!


Wooden Windows Give Homes Soul

As if I didn’t get myself into enough trouble when I dedicated a couple of my Telegraph columns to the curse of uPVC (or PVCu) windows I am now working with the very fine Wood Window Alliance in an attempt to push back the terrifyingly rising tide of white plastic windows. As a result we’re looking for three lovely homes with those hideous plastic windows that we can make over. For more info go to wwacompetition.co.uk