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16 June 2011

The Point of Design

What’s the point of design? This the title of a seminar I participated in recently with Heavenly Kevin and architect and TV presenter George Clarke (I am reliably informed he likes his fishy firmly on the dishy by the way) at the recent Grand Designs Live exhibition.

To begin with we all agreed that design is not a choice but unavoidable, it being a process rather than something one just adds, like water, to a product say.

Then Dishy came over a bit peculiar and started talking about design being like masturbation and how design is solely defined by beauty. Must be something in those fish. Crowd seemed to love it though, and I guess that’s all that matters, right?



Raising the tone I stumbled across the lyrical Collier Campbell exhibition in the National Theatre this week; nothing like the comfort of floral prints combined with the inspiration of clever ideas.

Also this week I presented a short film for Design Ventura, the Design Museum’s competition inviting secondary school age children to design a product for their shop. It’s a brilliant project and not only do I get to present the introductory film but I also get to judge the awards and go to the party. Can't wait on all fronts.

I am rather beginning to love working with young people (no doubt I will eat my words soon). I recently gave a masterclass as part of The Sorrell Foundation's Saturday Art and Design Saturday Morning Classes at the Somerset College of Arts and Technology.




A thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience and an opportunity to tell young people about the fantastic opportunities that exist in a career in design. The UK has the best design education system in the world and the creative industries are worth over £70 billion to the UK economy, something I love to quote to people who say doing art at school is a waste of time, something I was always told. Equally I never knew as a young person that design was even a subject, and I am sure I am not the only designer to have had this experience.

The Summer Show, an exhibition of all the work from all the classes, will be held at Somerset House from this Saturday. For more info. go to http://thesorrellfoundation.com/saturday-club.php