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31 January 2011

If You Can't Stand the Heat.....Kevin and Kitchens

So funny all this hullaballo about Heavenly Kevin's comments on fancy kitchens. Is he really being that contentious? I say in my own book (The Joy of Home, Conran Octopus, available from all good booksellers):

"An abiding cliche is that the kitchen is the heart of the home. And as households become more fragmented - with more people living alone, more single-parent families, fewer elders living with their adult children and declining birth rates - it is notable just how much more tempting new kitchen designs have become. It is as if we are compensating for the decline in Waltons-style family fantasy.

Perhaps this is too cynical a note on which to begin a section on the subject of (design for) cooking, which can be one of the most creative and loving activities we perform. But it is a phenomenon worth acknowledging, if only to guard against being distracted by fancy toys and so lose sight of what we really need. And like. It is a fact...that "tools do not a chef make".

Elizabeth David...cooked for most of her life in a very basic kitchen consisting of a four ring gas stove, a Welsh dresser and a large wooden kitchen table."

And she revolutionised British cooking in a way that has yet to be touched by others.

Anyone who cooks and loves food, and who has also observed at close quarters those who think nothing of spending £1,000 on a kitchen tap (as Kevin and I have) knows that you don't need a flash kitchen: people invest in such things for very different reasons other than wanting to be a great cook, and it is these reasons that are fascinating, that deserve constructive examination, than twisted knickers over comments that simply express the truth.

Emotional Baggage

After over 20 years my Delsey suitcases have fallen apart and are beyond repair. Time for new but all so ugly!!! The only real option it seems is Globe-Trotter (www.globe-trotterltd.com). Travel should equal romance. And romance should equal enduring beauty. Why don't manufacturers get this?


Of course if I had my way there would be a door policy on every plane and a ban on sportswear, of any kind, in airports. OK. Everywhere. And stewardesses would wear hats and gloves again. Then let's see if there is quite so much "air rage".

07 January 2011


Emery et Cie (www.emeryetcie.com) do it again. Just magical.

Palette EN 2  Décembre 2010 copie[1]

Palette EN 13  Décembre 2010 copie