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20 December 2010

Brightness Falls

Suddenly our little, cosy cottage transformed from dark to light from the reflection of daylight off a thick blanket of snow outside.

Brightness falls

So if you want to make a space brighter think not only about what you do inside - but outside too e.g. light coloured paving, plants and outdoor painted walls.

17 December 2010

Last Minute Marvellous Christmas Shopping: mroliveoil.com and www.cremenouveau.com

Two very lovely things for you: first, my old friend Mem from Embassy Electrical Supplies in Clerkenwell, but also owner of fecund and fragrant acres in Cyprus and Turkey, has sent me the most beautiful basket of his own farmstead produce as an incredibly welcome, welcome back to Blighty gift.


(This is not Mem, by the way. This is his brother in law, separating the leaves from the olives.)

In it pomegranate molasses (use as balsamic vinegar), candied baby walnuts (can't wait to try these with cheese), marinated olives, syrupy preserved lemons, wild caper shoots with thorns gathered by Mem himself from the surrounding hillside (Mem says these can be whizzed with capers and probably a bit of lemon to make a gorgeously piquant sauce for grilled fish), sweet paprika and a close-your-eyes-and-sniff bunch of wild sage that will have you instantly lying in hot sun accompanied by the hypnotic sound of cicadas. Plus Mem's famous olive oil, which I always thought was the best in the world, but in my basket there is also lemon flavoured and even mandarin.

My olive oil dish runneth over. 

I met Mem when we were renovating our house in Clerkenwell and he was chief electrical fitting supplier. Then, in brilliantly eclectic style, amongst the lamps and cables there started to appear plastic bottles of amber liquid. This was the good stuff, which I and everyone in my studio, hoarded.

For your own little bit of Mediterranean heaven go to www.mroliveoil.com.

Second, take a look at www.cremenouveau.com.

Thumb_nk-c-crm n chintz main alt
Not sure it's a real Custard Creme - though it is one of my favourite biscuits. This plus many other cute, sharp perfect Christmas gifts. And last posting day is not until Monday!

02 December 2010

Visit Sweden via Westfield

Woke up to quite a lot of snow this morning which is completely putting me in the mood for the Visit Sweden design clinic I'll be participating in on Saturday 4th December at the Westfield Shopping Centre.

Have always loved Sweden and Scandinavian design so can't wait to share the joy. And there's a competition to win a trip to Sweden, which is simply gorgeous year round.