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26 November 2010

Another God


My teenage self very excited to meet Adrian Smith, "Rock God" and Iron Maiden kingpin on the smoking terrace of new-ish Central London hotel Sanctum this week. Hotel decor "homestyle rock brothel": walls the colour of dried blood, lots of black gloss furniture or oversized coloured leather "pieces" and surprisingly pedestrian bathrooms - but then why would you want to waste time washing when you could be rocking?

Long Live Robin Day

Would have posted this earlier if I could do it on my Blackberry with anything like ease.


Sad to hear Robin (the designer) died the other day, but at a terrific age and having lived all he could out of life, alongside his wife and collaboratrice, Lucienne.

Not only was he a great man of design he seemed to be a great human being, in the way that so many startlingly talented designers are (Tom Dixon? Thomas Heatherwick? Patricia Urquiola?) - enthusiastic, curious, energetic, highly skilled and utterly inspiring.

Perhaps one of these great minds could take a look at the Blackberry? A coltan-free one please?




21 November 2010

Tile Style

For more tile love have a look at http://www.leorec.co.uk/interiors.htm. Wonderful as the top finish to a side table.