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03 September 2010

Beautiful Bike


So my beautiful Globe Haul bike has arrived from Bobbin Bikes - and I love, love, love it. A soft green coloured frame, tan leather trims and white wall tyres - could a bike be more beautiful? And cycling around the lanes of Devon is bliss, in spite of a certain cycle expert of my acquaintance commenting on how it is "really a town bike" and "expensive for what it is". 

The fact is there is no other bike like it - traditional without being old-fashioned, elegant instead of plastered with decals, aesthetically pleasing as well as properly functioning. (I wish it was British too, but you can't have everything.) Which makes it excellent value for money in my book.

And just as you never forget how to ride a bike so you never forget how it felt to ride a bike as a child. What is different is that cycling is now a "very serious business" and it seems cycling can only be performed when dressed up like Lance Armstrong, not a look that particularly suits me so I'll just keep to my usual wardrobe though I have relented to some degree with a leather WW2 helmet style er...helmet - anything to avoid an "egg box".



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