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06 May 2013

Girls on Top

Fresh back from Grand Designs Live where I gave a talk.....

i’m thinking blue, and other thoughts on interior design 

.....and assisted Kevin, alongside architect Phil Coffey, handout the awards we had judged.

As the girls came up on stage - Lucy Marston won Best House and Laura Dewe Matthews won Best Small Project - I couldn't help but think about the role of gender in the design of architecture, and if not gender per se then perhaps a gender-orientated approach. Could there be such a thing? 

It is a question I was first made aware of when I had an agency that represented architects and designers, "matching" them to clients, and discussed in a talk I gave some years ago now to the Nike European Women's Conference entitled (rather snappily I thought) "The Feminisation of a Man-Made World". 

Controversial territory perhaps. And perhaps a chance for some robust debating at next year's Grand Designs Live?