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27 October 2011

I am not making this up, and other tails.

So the man from Chubb came by the other day to fit the alarm and associated box. Though our house is ostensibly a single story dwelling, the lowest roof being no more than about 2.5m high and, let’s not forget, flat, yes – that’s right – flat, the alarm man was prohibited from getting on a ladder to fit the box somewhere less noticeable (these are not pretty things after all) due to health and safety. Apparently, if our roof had been pitched, though much higher, he wouldn’t think twice about whipping out his extending ladder.

As the red mist began to descend, and I thought of my grandfathers fighting in the trenches, I decided it was best to leave the scene and let Oliver deal with matters. We now have a nice arrangement of alarm box juxtaposed with boiler vent and motion detector. I call it “alarm box juxtaposed with boiler vent and motion detector”.


I can confirm no cats were involved. But I can report, instead, the arrival of a fox.

Foxy noxy Foxy noxy 2