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10 May 2011

Character Building


For those of you who might have been following my renovation trials and tribulations you may remember at the beginning of this project my parquet floor was totally "REDACTED" by the roofers when they decided to cover the roof they had just stripped with the equivalent of a plastic shopping bag that may as well have been windswept into the vicinity of the exposed roof, rather than protecting properly, which they did after the floor got "REDACTED".

And then you may remember how so many people, after lots of sucking of teeth, said, "you may as well chuck it away and start again." Even the insurers!

But this girl doesn't give up that easy.

Enter Ian Trowsdale of Devon Wood Floors who, as you can see, has done an unbelievable job of sorting through the sections we managed to salvage from different parts of the house, re-laying them and then giving them a transformational polish.

Thank you Ian. You are a star. 

Of course Ian, being a professional, and floor layer to the "stars" - he has laid floors for, amongst others, Hugh Fearnley Spelling-Mistake and he would have laid a floor for Big Boobs but she apparently wanted him to pay her £10K a year for the privilege, which I have to say comes as no surprise. But I digress. Ian the professional questions my joy at what he sees as imperfections but I see this as character. And an excellent saving on my budget too.