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26 April 2011

Trust me. I'm a designer.

Husband has just very sweetly said how impressed he is at how many things I can remember about this renovation we're doing. And as anyone knows who has worked on such a project it is like juggling a thousand balls. But with so many balls in motion the odd one can not exactly drop but just slip out of sequence. 

Today, for example, I realised my error in forgetting (may as well fess up!) to give my electrical plan to my joiner and as a result I have had to come up with another solution to fitting a double socket to the island unit. In the end no one will know but me, but it goes to show how you need to think on your feet if you forget to think at your drawing board.

I also realised that 5 pendants in the dining room might be over-egging the situation so have reduced to three (only 2 of 5 below).


Dining room in progress: terracotta tiles down, blue ceiling in.

But equally my fondness for occasional episodes of moody gloom, at least in my own homes, might get the better of me in the bathrooms. So it's back to Mr Resistor and the Davey Lighting catalogue. Loving something like this below. And IP (ingress protection) rated too - so while designed for outside perfect for bathrooms too.


Kitchen taking shape though.



Island unit in and wall run also. Nathan from Fluid Stone, who's making the concrete worktop for the wall run with cantilevered barbecue the external side of the nib wall, seems confident of my templating skills. Yikes!

Snaps, combined with the fact that this is only the start, make kitchen look very cuisine ordinaire but gold mirror faced and angled wall cabinets plus bespoke larder unit and restored mid century Scandi table, chairs and light fittings inherited with house should be er....distinctive.

IMG00804-20110426-1220 IMG00814-20110426-1223

Shower rooms are almost done (yes, those are gold taps - my own new range, The Cuprum Collection for Barber Wilsons, to be fitted to Master bathroom and kitchen) - just need those lights. And teak boxes fitted (for toiletries): tiled recess a result of tiler enthusiasm! Tiling excellent by the way - thanks Ian and NJ Whittaker! Note my "random brick" tiling format: patent pending.


And Ali and Dave were working today on the framework for the marble counter top in the master bath.

Finally my studio is fully glazed, we just have some finishing off to do outside - after a degree of "debate" between our roofer (yes, he turned up for a couple of days) and the glazier over detailing, and another example of how people in glass houses really shouldn't throw stones (not the glazier by the way)!


We also saw the bath for the Master Bathroom in William Garvey's workshop - and it looks absolutely stunning. Sorry - forgot to take pic. So nice to be working with them again after doing an amazing kitchen for a client made by Bill Garvey and his team some years ago. Amazing coincidence I'm now locating my studio and showroom just down the road from his. I'm not stalking you Bill. 

And below a very bad snap of the dressing room, with James Emerson's fabulous wardrobes. On seeing such smoothness I think we'll retain the look and fit push catches instead of handles.



And Bruce the painter is doing very well with my 50+ colour (Dulux of course!) paint schedule, though apparently the boys are not sure about the paprika in the study. In my experience this is usually a good sign.


Trust me. I'm a designer.

07 April 2011

Friday 13th

Just back from a trip out of the UK for a couple of weeks. Must admit house still looks sad - driveway a slick of mud and detritus all around while brave daffodils and primroses pushing on through, fingers in ears, pretending it's not happening - but decorating (oops! have chosen over 50 Dulux colours - hope my discount comes good) has started and tiling started yesterday. The tiler seems to have got his head around my "random brick" concept: this always get's them and then they realise this is less arduous than conventions.

Struggling to find an "insulated venting kit" for the Smeg extractor due to it extracting through a cold roof. Smeg have no idea what I'm talking about. Surely someone in the history of Smeg has had a cold flat roof through which they have vented one of their extractors?

And - sit down everyone - roof is still unfinished. 

Move in day - Friday 13th May!