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16 March 2011

With the arrival of spring come the Lesser Spotted Roofers.....


Through the tentative gleam of spring sunshine we spotted not one but 2 roofers, hopping about on the roof. Joy! There is hope, maybe. Well the truth is 2 arrived first thing on the morning of March 7th with 2 further promised. However the 2 promised "ran out of petrol" and did not arrive until the afternoon, a couple of hours after the first 2 had scarpered. I guess that's to be expected. The clue is in the name.

Any road up, the roof is almost water tight, 6 months after the 6 week programme started and we may even be able to start dry lining the North "wing". Please God!

Progress being made elsewhere as Dave and Ali courageously wrestle with the scaffolding tower..


....as the roof light to my studio develops (yes, that red dot up there on the roof is a roofer - shhhhh - you might frighten him away!).


One of the shower rooms is plastered......

 A big hole gets dug - as on all the best building sites - ready for the concrete foundation to our - say it quietly - new oil tank. I wonder whether we'll be able to convert to biodiesel? We did consider a biomass boiler but while these might be environmentally sustainable they are simply not financially sustainable, unless you a) live in a huge house or b) have a large family - neither of which, arguably, is environmentally sustainable in and of itself, no? 

Then there are the things that remind you of the pleasures of a building, like this window from the lower ground floor study, giving a worms eye view of the grass outside........

....and this one in the dining room. Poor Design Windows' (www.designwindows.co.uk - glaziers to the Royal Household no less) subbies took 4 attempts to get the glass just right so enjoy!