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14 October 2010

Moving on Out Again

Packing up this morning I cannot believe we are actually moving again for the fifth time in less than three years: we're starting to make "travellers" look positively static. All in a good cause though, especially as mould and poo smell has now been joined by big blow up in living room floor (damp?), sawdust coming through the light fittings and the intoxicating smell of roofer's glue.

And as of tomorrow I'll be inspecting tendering contractors other projects - so we are moving in the right direction.

11 October 2010

Moving On Out

So I'm back home in heavenly Devon - weather gorgeous so shame roofing guys haven't arrived yet to make the most of it! Thankfully moving out this week to make way for builders: one end of house is covered in mould, the other smells of poo - and in between ceiling looks about to fall in after nice big leak.


08 October 2010

Raising the Roof at Grand Designs


So the work started on the roof last week and the boys are not only making excellent progress.....

........but being rather brilliant in the process. The head man Les Rhodes, and his lovely Welsh lilt, is negotiating issues, such as rotten timbers, strange falls in strange places, random blocks of polystyrene, a variety of ceiling heights and asbestos soffits with all the nibble footedness of Nureyev.

Must dash now. Oliver Heath has just arrived for our "informal seminar" on a "grand eco refurb", at least we think that's what it's called - here at the mayhem that is Grand Designs Live, Birmingham.